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D-Day Youth Outreach

"Building Up the Youth On A Solid Foundation"




Mission Statement

D-Day(Deliverance Day) Youth Outreach was implemented by S. Bernard & Ursela Mitchell on January 8, 2011 as an itinerant outreach with focus on the youth ages 10-17. Many of the youth have spiritual needs that can only be addressed and handled in an atmosphere that is conducive to young people being properly introduced & presented to God in settings that they are comfortable in. Some local body churches and youth organizations, in many cases, are not able to meet all of the needs of today's youth because of the many challenges that are taking place in both technology and the extreme upgrade in peer pressure. Proper time is not always taken to really focus on the inner spiritual needs of today's youth.

D-Day Youth Outreach's properly trained team focuses on the issues that faces today's young people and will provide biblical application with a simplistic approach that will be comprehensible to the listener via web or in person. We discuss and teach the Word of God with simplicity so the youth can apply the principles in their daily lives. The focus is on inner healing & deliverance when the window of opportunity presents and the youth is willing; because so many youth struggle from the results of rejection & abandonment.

When we are not face to face with the youth we will stay connected with the youth through web with weekly podcasts that will have various teaching series that they can listen to anytime at the click of a button. The youth can email the staff anytime with prayer requests or questions. DDYO also provides the youth with enhancement programs, seminars, workshops & conferences to keep the youth engaged during their growth and development.