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D-Day Youth Outreach

"Building Up the Youth On A Solid Foundation"



3. Simply Put

This program is to teach positive biblical application to the youth in proper context and content of the Word of God. The focus is to ensure that the youth have a basic understanding of the Word of God as it pertains to their everyday lives. As they grow and mature they will receive teaching & biblical mentoring on the level they require.

4. Words of Life

The need to be heard as well as understood is gravely important in today's youth. "Words of Life" is a program that teaches youth effective communication awareness. With the many ways our society communicate, the youth should be more aware of negative and positive factors in communication in media, with their peers and in society. Understanding the importance of positive effective communication is the aim we seek to impart in each youth. This is done through group discussion & analysis in an open session to promote gleaning and teamwork as well as prepare them for boardroom discussions.

The process of maturing is a very sensitive time for young girls ages 10-15. This can be a difficult time for them if they don't understand the changes that are happening in their lives. Through this program we address issues that arise in this season of their lives as well as prepare them to make positive life choices. With the many challenges in peer pressure, this mentoring program helps young girls understand their true identity and bring awareness of their self worth while increasing their self esteem to productive levels. This process is done through mentorship from positive staff women and volunteers who know and understand how to bring out the best in each girl during their search to find the true treasure within themselves.

2. Journey of the Jewels

It takes a village to raise a child yet all components should be active in the village to ensure the child's progressive life development. In many single-parent households in America, fathers are not active. This program is set up to fill the need of positive male mentoring during the sensitive periods of youth development ages 10-15. F.AM.I.L.Y. is geared to help fatherless children get the proper male mentoring that is necessary to ensure progressive academic performance and identity security while teaching positive life skills and how to apply those skills in everyday life. This is done using the process of weekly meetings, consistent mentor/mentee activities, scholastic tutoring and leadership training.

1. F.A.M.I.L.Y.(Fathers As Mentors Instilling Love Year-round)

DDYO offers services ranging from youth identity crisis prevention and mentoring to conflict resolution & leadership preparation.