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D-Day Youth Outreach

"Building Up the Youth On A Solid Foundation"


DDYO founders and Christian recording artists S. Bernard Mitchell & Ursela Mitchell aka B-U gives truth about the effects on teens of some today's mainstream music lyrics, music videos & big screen films which is presented to the youth through various forms of media. The glamorizing of teen sex, drug use, gang violence and drug dealing in movies & music are discussed and what can be done about it in local communities. They provide facts & stats that will inform both youth and parents as well as bring awareness to the need of positive imaging in music, movies & online media outlets.



"I wanna rap" Workshop

This workshop is conducted by multi-award winning Christian rap international recording artists B-U. The workshop is geared to provide young aspiring recording artists a basic understanding of the music industry in the rap genre. This interactive curriculum will cover studio etiquette, song writing techniques, understanding one's creative flow, beatmakers vs. producers, works of the music engineer, music industry managers and artist's image. The workshop will close with the students in concert along with B-U. Contact a staff member to bring this workshop to your youth.
Workshop pricing: $250.00 per student

Bring this youth conference experience to the youth in your area. We work in collaboration with your youth department to discuss youth outreach stategy, provide effective interactive youth summit and workshops. The conference is concluded in a way that is live & action packed; an urban gospel concert.
Contact DDYO staff about bringing this conference to the youth in your area.

D-Day Youth Outreach Conference

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